1. Zavod Mirabelka (hereafter referred to as “Organizer”) confirms that he will take care of the professional management and implementation of activities of Vibra 2019, 26-31 August 2019.

2. Each workshop is limited to 15-28 participants, lectures to 50 participants.

3. Each participant will receive an identification card and with this card will be able to attend the chosen workshops.

4. The Organizer does not assume responsibility for any damage and theft. The participant has to be ensured.

5. Filming and photographing during the workshops is not allowed except by prior arrangement with the organizer and pedagogue.

6. The Organizer reserves the right to change the program and the schedule. The participants will be informed in advance about the changes (at least 48 hours prior to the workshop).

7. The workshop can be cancelled in case there are less than 10 participants enrolled on an individual workshop. In case of cancellation of a workshop by the organizer, the participant is allowed to choose any other available workshop in the same price, or the organizer shall reimburse the participant’s paid registration fee without interest. The organizer will inform the participants about the potential cancellation no later than 2 working days before the start of the course.

8. The participant with the submission of the Application form confirms that is over 18 years of age.


9. The participant confirms that the organizer may use the photos and videos (in which he or she appears) taken during workshops for promotional purposes (on the website and social networks of VIBRA workshops, in printed and electronic media). In case the participant/applicant disagrees with the publications of photos and videos the participant shall send the announcement in writing to the organizer (by e-mail to Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Za ogled potrebujete Javascript, da si jo ogledate. ).

10. Organizer ensures the protection of the personal data, which will be used only for the purposes of the application. The Organizer guarantees that the information submitted not will be handed over to a third party. In case of problems or uncertainties concerning application, the organizer reserves the right to contact the participant through means of distance communication.

11. The Organizer will use the personal the data of the participant and keep in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette. RS, no. 86/2004 to 113/2005). With the application the participant allows the organizer to process the given personal data in the organizer’s private collections and use it for statistical analyzes. The Organizer can store and process these personal data indefinitely or until the cancelled written consent of the participant. Participant is entitled to all rights in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (OG. RS, no. 20/1998 to 114/2006).

12. With the submitted Vibra's online application form the participant certifies that the information that he or she submitted is true. The participant declares that she or he is healthy and physically and mentally prepared for active participation in the selected workshop or workshops. The participant confirms that he or she will participate in the workshops at own risk. The participant confirms that he or she will not require any compensation claims from the organizer due any possible injuries or any other damages.


13. Participants are obliged to provide for their own health and liability insurances and provide proof if requested by organizer. Without the proper insurance (including coverage of physical therapy) the participant cannot participate in the course. Any medical problem that causes difficulties in dancing and hinder the active participation in classes, have to be communicated clearly to the pedagogue.


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