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History, Analysis, Reflection

Andreja Kopač PhD. 

27-29 August, 15h30-17h30



A lecture series Dramaturgy in Dance by Katja Legin and Andreja Kopač will be held from August 25 to August 29. All lectures are free to attend and open to the public. 
The series of lectures by Andreja Kopač are aimed primarily at practitioners in the field of performance, those who already make their own work and are interested in being “equipped” with historical insights, the theory and critical reflection related to this area, as well as to the wider interested public. The first day of the workshop will bring a short overview of the 20th century dance history, which will include an introduction to the key authors, problems, paradigms, and shifts in the field. The second day of the workshop will focus on dance analysis as a study and reflection on selected examples from the history of dance, which have had a certain impact on the paradigm shifts in thinking about dance art. The third day will focus on the discussion / reflection on examples, questions, and topics, suggested and/or presented by the participants. The examples for analysis will either be presented on the spot or will emerge out of specific concepts and/or contents presented. We will also discuss the role of dramaturgy in contemporary dance and try to pinpoint some of the most important tools for making a dance piece. We will talk about how to start developing a piece, about its context and the tools (references) which the maker can use as orientation points in the process of making work. In doing so, our aim will be to get the widest picture, to think, see, and read the structures emerging in the process as widely as possible.   


Andreja Kopač PhD. is a writer, editor, moderator, and dramaturge in the area of contemporary dance and theatre. She has an M.A. in Speech Linguistics and Theory of Social Communication from the ISH, Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities, and has obtained her PhD in Sociology of Culture (mentor Rastko Močnik PhD) from the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana. She has been active as coordinator of the Seminar of Contemporary Performing Arts (in collaboration with Bojana Kunst PhD), organizer of the Platform for Interdisciplinary Dramaturgy, performer (Betontanc, Škrip Orkestra, Was Ist Maribor?), moderator, spokesperson, mentor, organizer, and researcher. She is currently engaged in a number of national and international art projects. Between 2009 and 2017 she participated in over 70 projects in the field of contemporary performing arts. She has been engaged as guest mentor at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance since 2013; she teaches at the Pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana and at the Academy of Dance in Ljubljana. She is the recipient of the Meta Vidmar Plaque (2013) and the Ksenija Hribar Award (2016) for her contribution to the fields of dance, dance pedagogy, and dramaturgy. She is the editor of Maska - journal of contemporary performing arts since 2017.



25th - 26th August, 15h30-17h30:  Performer's Creative Process / Katja Legin
27th -29th August, 15h30-17h30:  History, Analysis, Reflection/ Andreja Kopač PhD.
Lectures are free of charge; however, we need a confirmation on your part via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or online application





The lectures are made possible by the funding of Municipality of Ljubljana.