Edward Clug Repertoire

Gaj Žmavc



 © Vida Kavčič 


During the workshop we will research a wide range of repertoire work of Edward Clug, an internationally acclaimed choreographer in the field of contemporary ballet. The emphasis will be placed on his unique choreographic style, execution of specific movement mechanics and physical precision. We will look at the connections between classical esthetics, contemporary dance vocabulary and ways of how both merge into a unique, coherent style.  The aim of the workshop is also to provide a real and intensive experience of the specifics of work in a professional dance company. Through the workshop participants will be able to experience the company`s rehearsal process, research materials, especially from Clug's performance HORA, and look for specific movement qualities and interpretation within strictly defined choreographic materials.
Advanced / intermediate level


Gaj Žmavc (Slovenia) is a dancer and choreographer. He began ballet training at the Conservatory for Music and Ballet in Maribor and continued his studies at the International Academy for Classical Dance in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. In 2006 he became a member of the Maribor ballet ensemble, where he began his intense collaboration with artistic director and choreographer Edward Clug. As a member and featured soloist he toured with the Maribor ballet ensemble throught the world, performing at the most acclaimed and prestigious dance festival venues. As a dancer he worked with Edward Clug, Johan Ingerj, Staša Zurovac, Haris Pašovič, Darrel Toulon among others.  
As choreographer he created several performances, including Four Last Song, Yesterdays and Maestro created for the Maribor Ballet Ensemble as well as creates choreographies for opera and theatre productions. He won 1st prize at the 3rd Young Slovene Choreographers’ Competition for his piece Yesterdays. Gaj works as an assistant choreographer for Edward Clug’s performances.



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