Pilates Flow

Ana Štefanec Knez



© Andrej Lamut 


The workshop is composed as a flow of pilates exercises that enhance alignment, flexibility, coordination, and movement that is synchronized with breath. The flow of exercises trains the core and develops muscular control alongside natural joint actions, which ensures a natural movement sequence and safe effective practice. The training is designed to allow further application of pilates methods to other dance techniques and movement practices. Ana uses her broad experience in contemporary dance to compose a flow of exercises that facilitate natural transitions, ultimately folding and opening the body into biomechanically instinctive patterns. 
The workshop is suitable for anyone who wants to actively start the day.


Ana Štefanec Knez (Slovenia) is a dancer, who joined the Slovene dance company EnKnapGroup in 2007 after finishing High School for contemporary dance in Ljubljana. As a dancer, she has worked with many Slovene and international choreographers and directors, such as Jozef Nadj, Nature Theatre of Oklahoma, Guy Nader, Edward Clug, Iztok Kovač, etc. She is the recipient of many awards, also the 2002 International Young Choreographers' Competition Award (Austria) and the 2018 Župančič Award of the City of Ljubljana. As a dancer for EnKnapGroup, she has co-created over 30 solo and group performances.