Nikolina Pristaš, Andreja Kopač

Croatia / Slovenia

A lecture series on choreography, dramaturgy and dance analysis are free to attend and open to the public. 



Nikolina Pristaš 

26 - 27 August, 18h30 - 21h30


Andreja Kopač PhD 

29 August, 18h30 - 21h30

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In two sessions Nikolina will speak about the problems that guide the creative production of dance and choreography of BADco. and dramaturgical and choreographic concerns that are being taken into account in different performances. She will also give an insight into the concrete method of choreographic production by analyzing examples of different performances which all have in common that their process imply procedures of translation from other artistic fields (painting, literature, software, cinema…) into dance and choreography.  Her talk will include an analysis and dance demonstrations of the logic of antibodies (Changes, 2009), performing choreographic notes, work with the divided attention and montage (Fleshdance, 2004), serialization (Semi-Interpretations or How to Explain Contemporary Dance to a Dead Hare, 2011), the composites and the choreographic unconscious. 
This year's R & A (Reflections & Analysis) workshop will be devoted to analyzing and reflecting on two performances that will be shown for the first time in Slovenia in the frame of Vibra: Untied Tales (The vanished power of the usual reign) by Clara Furey and Peter Jasko and Incognito by Lali Auguadé.
Two top-notch dance master pieces, four brilliant dancers, and as many perspectives as there are viewers. In the workshop, will try to think about, open up, and contextualize them together as well as attempt to articulate and put forward arguments for our decisions and explore the possibilities of different readings/interpretations of something as exciting as – dance.


Nikolina Pristaš (Croatia) is a dancer, choreographer, co-founder of the performing arts collective BADco. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb (English Language and Literature and Comparative Literature), graduated from the dance school Ana Maletić in Zagreb. She started her professional career as a dancer in Zagreb Dance Company and in productions of independent dance artists.
Since 2000 she has been realizing her artistic interests through cooperation within the performance collective BADco., a collective of three choreographers-dancers, two dramaturgs and one philosopher, and the company production manager, who have, since its beginning in 2000, systematically focused on the research of protocols of performing, presenting and observing by structuring its projects around diverse formal and perceptual relations and contexts.
The specificity of artistic insights and knowledge produced in BADco., through a series of theater-dance performances, video installations, thematic symposia, art workshops and a few printed publications, resulted in her being invited to some of the prestigious art academies in Europe to attend as a lecturer and realize art projects within the teaching practice (Justus Liebig University, Giessen, P.A.R.T.S., Brussel, The Danish National School for Performing Arts, Kopenhagen…).  
Since 2015 Nikolina is an Assistant Professor at the Dance Department of the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. She teaches courses related to the practice of improvisational dance performance and contemporary choreography. She is currently the Head of the Dance Department. 
Andreja Kopač PhD (Slovenia) is a writer, editor, moderator, and dramaturge in the area of contemporary dance and theatre. She has an M.A. in Speech Linguistics and Theory of Social Communication from the ISH, Ljubljana Graduate School of the Humanities, and has obtained her PhD in Sociology of Culture (mentor Rastko Močnik PhD) from the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana. She works as critic for Delo and as editor of Maska - journal of contemporary performing arts (2017-2018). 
Between 2009 and 2019 Andreja participated in over 80 projects in the field of contemporary performing arts (Sebastijan Horvat, Matjaž Pograjc, Matjaž Berger, Matjaž Farič, Iztok Kovač, Branko Potočan, Mare Bulc, Magdalena Reiter, Sinja Ožbolt, Kevin Trappenires, Lada Petrovski Ternovšek, Milan Tomašik, Dagmar Dachauer, Žigan Kranjčan & Gašper Kunšek, ect). She has been engaged as guest mentor at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance since 2013; she teaches at the Pre-School Education and Grammar School Ljubljana and at the Academy of Dance in Ljubljana. She is the recipient of the Meta Vidmar Plaque (2013) and the Ksenija Hribar Award (2016) for her contribution to the fields of dance, dance pedagogy, and dramaturgy.






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All lectures are in English.
Lectures are free of charge; however, we ask you to confirm your participation by applying via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or online application form.