Choreographic lab

Lali Ayguadé



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Two intensive research programs at Vibra 2019 - Choreographic lab and Performance research & coaching, are established for young choreographers wanting a safe and stimulating environment in which to question and develop their choreographic language and are offered a space for experimentations.
The choreographic lab is a scholarship research program offered to a select group of international young professional choreographers and dancers. The research process emphasizes cooperation between the participants and the project leader Lali Ayguadé. The lab will offer for exploration different methodologies and tools, which may later on be applied in the participants' individual creative processes. The proposed research theme is beauty. The working process will be designed in the same way as when Lali develops new work with her own company. We will focus on intertwining the abstract with the concrete, researching the boundaries between dance and theatricality, using gestures, voice, physical manipulation, and abstract movement. We will also use the subject of beauty for questioning the notion of normality and individuality, researching the possibilities of corporeal manifestations and choreographic structures that are triggered by the theme.
The materials and structures developed as a result of the lab's choreographic investigations will be examined in the second half of the process in the context of informal presentation in frame of Open showing at Dance Theatre Ljubljana. The choreography lab comprises six 5-hour sessions: 4 hours with the project leader and 1 hour of individual research and material building in the studio. 
Scholarship program for young choreographers and professional dancers  


Lali Ayguadé (Spain) is a dancer and choreographer. She studied at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and P.A.R.T.S. in Brussles. Since 2013, she is the director of her own company, Lali Ayguadé Company, with which she created created pieces such as Kokoro, Iu an Mi, Incognito. Lali has also directed pieces for other companies such as Tanz Bielefeld, in Germany, and BHODI PROJECT, in Salzburg.
Lali has worked with Akram Khan, Hofesh Shechter, Baro d’Evel, Roberto Olivan and Marcos Morau, among others.  In 2010, she was nominated as Exceptional dancer for the Critics Awards of London and in 2014 as Best Creator. In 2016, she was also nominated as Best Dancer for the “” Critics awards in Barcelona.
One of her small-format works is Incognito, which inspired part of the short film, Timecode. Lali also stared in Timecode; the movie was awarded Palme d’Or at Festival de Cannes, Goya Award, Gaudi Award and was nominated at the Oscars 2016 among others. Incognito will be presented at Vibra 2019 festival evening.