Falling and Rolling

Guy Nader



 © Derrosenkavalier

Falling and Rolling is physical and powerful floor work, based on entering and exiting the ground. The workshop explores movement patterns that involve breathing, speed and release of energy throughout the body which activates the relationship between the center and limbs. The focus on the bone structure  will help to improve the physical perception and awareness, exploring main laws of physics: cohesion and expansion, elements from the Flying low technique. This range will enable dancers  to study various ways to roll in all directions, dropping and lifting smoothly and quickly, by keeping a low and strong center.
The movement material is mainly based on floorwork and low squat positions.  Falling and Rolling explores various movement possibilities, developing movement sequences in all levels as well as investigates and focuses on understanding the anatomy of the locomotor system. Through the use of body weight, flexibility, strength we shall explore the different energy levels and also the knowledge of the bodily limits. Before the training special exercises we will prepare for this form of physically demanding movement.     



Guy Nader is a Lebanese choreographer, dancer and actor based in Barcelona. He started his career in the scenic arts as an theatre actor and director. He studied at the Lebanese University of Fine Arts in Beirut and obtained a BA in theatre. Since 2009 he has been creating his own work as a choreographer and dancer. He collaborates with fellow choreographer and dancers such as Maria Campos. Together they created GN|MC ensamble, which tours internationally, presenting original works (Time Takes The Time Time Takes, ect) He also created commissioned performances for other companies. Guy's  work has been shown internationally in Lebanon, Spain, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Jordan, Croatia and South Korea.
He has received recognition and many prizes for his work. His first solo Where The Things Hide was awarded the first prize in Masdanza 2010, in the Canary Islands. His last production Time Takes The Time, Time Takes was awarded with the best dance performance in La Feria de Huesca 2015 in Spain among others. He has worked and collaborated with Maqamat Dance Theatre, Bebeto Cidra, Iliacan, Oreet Ashrey, Roser López Espinosa, Laida Azkona, Mickael Marso 'Décalage Company' among others. He is the associated artist in La Caldera creation center in Barcelona. Guy teaches workshops internationally, including leading dance schools in Europe.
On Vibra Guy will also present his solo Where The Things Hide. 
Level: advanced (16+)