© Drago Videmšek at Vibra 2017



Dance, an integral and indispensable part of art, is represented in a multitude of forms and practices. At Vibra our philosophy is inclusiveness, as we celebrate the uniqueness of different dance languages in the field of performing arts, encouraging exchanges at the same time. Six years ago, having noticed a deficit of highly profiled practices in the region, we started the Vibra festival, with the idea of providing a high quality exchange and learning platform for professional and semi-professional dancers.


This edition of the festival offers the dancers the opportunity to come into contact with many practices - from contemporary dance classes, a choreographic lab, body work, contemporary ballet and ballet to lectures and performances. Whereas the practical workshops introduce and deepen the dancers’ understanding of dance methods and techniques, the lectures offer insights into the mental processes and analysis of creation and performing. 


The festival is also presenting two performances, which were created based on the idea of co-authorship between artists coming from different fields. Both performances are conceived as dialogues not only between the makers /performers but also between the art forms (dance, poetry, music). 
Although the practical workshops are designed for professional and semi-professional dancers we encourage the public to take part in the festival, as the the performances and lectures are open to everyone interested in watching and getting to know dance. 


Warmly invited to the 6th Vibra, a place to connect, exchange ideas, practice, watch and analyze dance.