© Drago Videmšek at Vibra

Every summer since 2013, the Ljubljana-based Vibra has been hosting acclaimed dance makers - choreographers, dancers, teachers, theoreticians, bringing an injection of dance and creativity into Slovenia's capital. In the last week of August, young dancers from Slovenia and abroad come together to collaborate, learn, get to know each other, and network. In the festival's evening program, the wider audience has the chance to see performances by domestic and international choreographers and get to know young and upcoming dance makers at the Open showing. 
The program features dance workshops, research projects, performances, theoretical lectures and artist talks. Dancers come into contact with many dance and performing arts practices, through which they can enhance their technical skills, explore how to implement choreographic methodologies and creative processes and exchange their knowledge and practices. The focus is on contemporary dance; however, the program also includes contemporary ballet and ballet workshops intended to offer insights into other dance aesthetics and techniques.
Free educational programs (dance theory lectures, mentoring projects) have always been an integral part of Vibra. This year however, for the first time, Vibra is offering scholarship programs for young dancers, supported by the Municipality of Ljubljana.
Although the practical workshops are designed for professional and semi-professional dancers we encourage the wide public to take part in the festival, as the performances and lectures are open to everyone interested in watching and getting to know dance. Lectures and artist talks offer a unique insight into the ways of creating of the guest choreographers.


Warmly invited to the 7th edition of Vibra.