© Darja Štravs Tisu at Vibra 2016

This summer Vibra will celebrate it`s 5th anniversary. Over the years we established an important  meeting point for dancers from different performing dance fields. It is a project that constantly keeps evolving and developing. This year besides multiple workshops in contemporary dance, contemporary ballet, ballet and body work we shall introduce (in coproduction with Dance Theatre Ljubljana) performance presentations and artists talks. We believe that to understand dance one should not only practice it, but also watch it, talk about it and translate it into words. An integral part of the festival is Vibra’s annual open showing. At the final evening of the workshops we invite public to watch the dancers present the results of their work. 
Vibra is not only a place of education for professional and semi-professional dancers, but also a place of meetings, exchange and foremost of developing creative potential of dancers and choreographers. It proves that it is worth to persist in one’s goals and to break boundaries despite the odds.


Founder and artistic director
Magdalena Reiter