Open showing

31st August at 20h00


© Darja Štravs Tisu / Open showing of Vibra 2016  

7th edition of Vibra will conclude on the evening of the 31st of August with the Open showing at Dance Theatre Ljubljana. Vibra is an educational and research platform, therefore the aim of the showing is not a production of a performance, but rather sharing of work and experience gained during the workshops. 
Young dancers will present their short choreographies created or learnt during the workshops. In the informal atmosphere of the closing presentation dancers will gain important experience of public performance. They will have the opportunity to watch their colleagues works as well. 
General rehearsal for all performers will take place on the evening of the 30th of August. Everyone who participated in at least one entire 6-day Vibra 2019 workshop is invited to perform. After the final presentation we will present participants with Vibra certificates. Socializing will follow.


31 August at 20:00
Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Prijateljeva 2
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